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Alba Bra Hospital

The hospital completely automated by Tecnozenith.

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Located on the Langhe hills, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the municipality of Verduno, this new hospital was built to unite the services of the hospitals of the cities of Alba and Bra, now obsolete.
Tecnozenith designed and installed special systems for this structure, with the installation of the management system for the HVAC, cogeneration and lighting systems. The hospital is in fact completely automated, through controllers that adapt the functioning of the systems according to the needs of the users and to the internal and external conditions.
The use of the freely programmable "Swiss Control System" BMS system made it possible to interface and make available in a single platform devices produced by different manufacturers, interfacing with standard communication protocols such as KNX, Dali, Modbus and Bacnet.
From the technological center to the air handling units, from the single room of each department to the electrical substations, each energy system is under the control of the system installed by Tecnozenith. The maintenance technicians and staff can at any time check the conditions of the systems and act on them through user-friendly synoptics.
The Alba-Bra hospital currently represents the largest telematics project ever carried out by Tecnozenith, with 300 EXD10 controllers installed, each with a different dedicated and installed regulation strategy, no. 1500 EXD100 expansions for a total of 18000 points electronically controlled and managed by a single centralized server.

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