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Horizon 2020 Buildheat

Tecnozenith Italian "Pilot Partner" of the European Buildheat project.

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"Italian Demo Site" Buildings


Enerboxx Hydraulic modules Installed


sqm of ventilated façade installed

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The European project "BuildHEAT (GA 680658) - Standardized approaches and products for the systemic retrofit of residential Buildings, focusing on HEATing and cooling consumptions attenuation", part of the broader Horizon 2020 plan promoted by the European Commission, was a research project with the aim of developing innovative systems to achieve profound energy efficiency in buildings.
BuildHEAT, concluded in February 2020 and lasted 48 months, involved 19 European companies and research institutes, which developed products and installation solutions, as well as new methodologies of financial investments to make the renovation of buildings economically attractive and valid from the energy savings point of view. Tecnozenith participated in the project as a "Pilot Partner".
In fact, by integrating the expertises of the Energheia Project with the solutions developed in the BuildHEAT project, interventions were carried out on 3 buildings in Pinerolo, which have become the only Italian "Demo Site" of the project, ie real cases in which the solutions studied have been implemented.
In particular, in these buildings a new type of ventilated wall was installed, as weel as new thermal storage and intelligent hydraulic apartment modules, called "Enerboxx".

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