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San Luigi hospital in Orbassano

Tecnozenith for years in the service of the Orbassano Hospital.

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The San Luigi Gonzaga University Hospital is located in the municipality of Orbassano, near Turin, with a capacity of about 400 beds.
Originally born as a sanatorium, for this reason it is characterized by a pavilion structure with large sunny terraces and long connecting corridors. Within this structure, Tecnozenith has been dealing for years with the supervision and control system of heating, cooling and ventilation systems.
After the first installations of controllers supplied by third parties, today Swiss Control System BMS installed by Tecnozenith represents the main supervision system of the complex. Extensive wiring of data cables and optical fiber throughout the structure brings together the 26 EXD10 controllers and their expansions in a single network, which are controlled from a single PC by maintenance personnel.
The supervised sites range from the technological center, with the thermal power plant, the cogenerator, the steam system and the refrigeration system with absorbers, to the various sub-units of the pavilions, from the air handling units of wards and operating rooms, to the punctual control of the terminals of single rooms for some spaces. The system thus offers the possibility of obtaining clear, real-time and historicized indications of the work situations of the systems, the environmental conditions of the served rooms and the energy consumption of the hospital.

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