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State Archives of Alessandria

The BMS of the new Alessandria state archive site designed and installed by Tecnozenith.

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Different systems interfaced via BMS


Managed telematic points


Synoptic to view all systems

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Located in the former Valfrè barracks, the new State Archive of Alessandria has a Swiss Control System BMS installed by Tecnozenith. The BMS system allows users to view and modify the parameters relating to air conditioning, ventilation and fire prevention systems, through intuitive and easy-to-use graphic pages.
The system continuously monitors the internal environmental conditions (temperature and humidity), as well as the operating status of the systems, showing temperatures, pressures and operating parameters of the various machines.
For the Alessandria archive, Tecnozenith interfaced various third-party devices on its system, such as the heat pump or electronic circulators, using Modbus and BACnet protocols, to provide the user with a single control synoptic for all the systems present.

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