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Termotecnica Pericoli

Tecnozenith at the service of 4.0 Industries

Numbers Of the Project


kW Power of the gas boiler installed


mc / h Air flow of the AHU


° C reached by the air delivered to the ovens

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PeriCOOL division of the Pericoli Company, located in Priola in Cuneo province, deals in solutions for adiabatic cooling.
In order to automate and speed up the production, they have installed a new drying system, where Tecnozenith realized the new systems for the generation of hot air.
Its main components are the new boiler, which powers the coal of the new Air Handling unit.
With the new ducts made, the heated air reaches the drying ovens, where the products to be treated are inserted, and then expelled, not before the heat is recovered with the air entering the AHU.
Boiler, AHU and all the hydraulic and aeraulic connections were supplied and installed by Tecnozenith, in order to have a perfectly functioning and safe system.

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