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Tecnozenith is a leader in the remote management of systems, managing all the phases of a remote control project, at 360 °. From the development of the regulation strategy fitted to the customer's needs, through commissioning, up to the construction of a simple and intuitive synoptic, with the aim of making the end user more aware of their own systems.

Since its foundation, Tecnozenith has been involved in the design, installation and management of automatic systems for thermal and electrical systems.

First as a system installer produced by third parties, then as co-owner of a leading company in BMS systems, the Swiss Control System, automation was always a cornerstone of its working action, since it is aware that this technology represents now an indispensable element for an easy management and a more accurate control of the systems.

The control systems installed by Tecnozenith allow to have a better view and management of the behavior of the systems, a reduction in energy consumption and the possibility of promptly intervening in the event of breakdowns or malfunctions.

Tecnozenith deals with all-round automation systems, starting from inspections and the points to be interfaced, depending on the customer's needs, up to final commissioning, passing through the supply of controllers, probes and actuation devices.

For years our company has been a point of reference in the Building Management System, with experiences made throughout Italy, with systems that allow customers to have fully automated heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting systems, visible and managed through simple and intuitive interface for an optimal management experience.

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