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The availability of specialized resources within the company (engineers, designers, stokers, welders, engineers, mechanics, electricians, system integrators, IT) allows immediate intervention, rapid resolution of problems and constitutes a fundamental security factor for the customer.

Hydraulic and electrical systems’ maintenance interventions require a high level of professionalism: only expert personnel, in fact, can intervene with efficiency and expertise, respecting the safety standards in force.

Our maintenance teams meet these requirements perfectly, thanks to continuous dedicated training and the high degree of experience gained over the years.

Tecnozenith is able to provide assistance for HVAC (heating, air conditioning and ventilation), electrical and technological systems , 24h / 24h, intervening for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work.

For BMS systems, Tecnozenith also offers a remote assistance service, with the remote management office that can remotely intervenes on BMS systems via internet connection, in order to offer customers a faster and less expensive intervention solution.

The strength of our maintenance lies in the synergy between the back-office staff and the maintenance technicians in the field, in order to always make the most appropriate and suitable choice for the type of work to be performed, so that the systems are always in perfect and safety working conditions.

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