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  • Lorenzo Civalleri

Operating Rooms of the San Luigi Hospital

In this period Tecnozenith carried out the complete revamping of the BMS regulation system serving the heating and cooling systems of the Operating Rooms of the San Luigi Gonzaga Hospital in Orbassano (TO).

San Luigi Gongaza Hospital

The new Swiss Control System brand replaces the previous one, now obsolete and no longer functional, and joins the many SCS controllers already present within the hospital complex, controlled by a single common supervisor, for control, management and regulation of electrical, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Control Panel

The new system installed is able to display the ambient parameters through temperature, humidity and pressure sensors, to check the status and any anomalies of the system and to act on the operation of inverters, fans, pumps and valves.

It will automatically maintain adequate thermal comfort inside the operating theaters, in order to guarantee the best possible working conditions for all healthcare personnel who, in these days more than ever, we can define as real heroes in the ward.


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