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Our Services


Tecnozenith is a leader in the remote management of systems, managing all the phases of a remote control project, at 360 °. From the development of the regulation strategy fitted to the customer's needs, through commissioning, up to the construction of a simple and intuitive synoptic, with the aim of making the end user more aware of their own systems.


Design is one of the strengths of our company. The skills and experience of a team oriented towards the study and the research of increasingly innovative solutions that best meet the needs of each individual customer, guarantee maximum effectiveness and certainty of results.


Tecnozenith respond in a targeted way to the specific needs of different customers, public and private, by proposing the most appropriate solutions for each reality. In addition to the installation of the different systems, we carry out renovation, revamping and optimization of existing systems.


The availability of specialized resources within the company (engineers, designers, stokers, welders, engineers, mechanics, electricians, system integrators, IT) allows immediate intervention, rapid resolution of problems and constitutes a fundamental security factor for the customer.

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