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Tecnozenith respond in a targeted way to the specific needs of different customers, public and private, by proposing the most appropriate solutions for each reality. In addition to the installation of the different systems, we carry out renovation, revamping and optimization of existing systems.

The highly qualified manpower trained by Tecnozenith has distinguished itself over the years for the quality of the work carried out in the thermotechnical, electrical and construction fields.

The company experience and know-how can be found in the systems built for the various customers, carried out quickly, efficiently and safely, to provide the customer with functional and easily maintained systems.


From the masonry works to the welding of the hydraulic pipes, from the handling and installation of equipment to the wiring and electrical connections, Tecnozenith follows every phase of the work, taking care of every detail even in the largest and most complex projects, also offering the Work Management and Safety Coordination service on site.

In addition to the construction of new system, over the years Tecnozenith has specialized in the revamping and adaptation of existing ones, in order to adapt them to new needs, make them easier to manage and improve their energy efficiency.

With teams of qualified builders and window installers, Tecnozenith also carries out real estate renovations, in the field of energy efficiency on the envelopes of residential buildings.

The ultimate goal of Tecnozenith installers is to provide customers with systems and structures that are not only functional, easy to use and maintain and efficient, but also aesthetically pleasing.

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