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Our Projects

Horizon 2020 Buildheat

Tecnozenith Italian "Pilot Partner" of the European Buildheat project.

Horizon 2020 4RinEU

Solutions developed in 4RinEU project integrated in Italy by Tecnozenith.

Horizon 2020 Happening

HAPPENING project for a new development of heat pumps in existing buildings.

University of Turin

All the heating, refrigeration and ventilation systems of the University of Turin headed by Tecnozenith.

Environment Park

A full maintenance service for the Turin Environment Park

Alba Bra Hospital

The hospital completely automated by Tecnozenith.


Integrated Energy Efficiency intervention at Zero Cost.

Firmian kindergarten

An efficient and versatile BMS for a futuristic school.

San Luigi hospital in Orbassano

Tecnozenith for years in the service of the Orbassano Hospital.

State Archives of Turin

Efficient maintenance and control of heating and electrical systems.

State Archives of Cuneo

A single controller for different scopes.

State Archives of Alessandria

The BMS of the new Alessandria state archive site designed and installed by Tecnozenith.


Tecnozenith maintenance for the systems of the Turin water company.

Valtellina Hospitals

The Valtellina Hospitals (Sondrio, Sondalo and Chiavenna) made automatic by Tecnozenith.

Torre Pellice ice rink

A new control system for the Pellice Valley ice house.

Municipality of Codogno

The public buildings of Codogno automated in a single network.


Balfor, a leading company in the log splitting machine sector, entrusts Tecnozenith with the care of its systems

Termotecnica Pericoli

Tecnozenith at the service of 4.0 Industries

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