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University of Turin

All the heating, refrigeration and ventilation systems of the University of Turin headed by Tecnozenith.

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Tecnozenith is the company that takes care of the maintenance of the HVAC systems of the University of Turin offices in the capital and in the metropolitan area.
The University of Studies is located in different buildings scattered around the city of Turin and its surroundings, from those located in the historic center, such as the historic Palazzo degli Stemmi or the Cavallerizza Reale, to more recent buildings such as the Agriculture and Veterinary Campus in Grugliasco, passing from Palazzo Nuovo, just below the Mole Antonelliana.
In each building there are heating, cooling and ventilation systems, where Tecnozenith operates. With teams of dedicated technicians, the company guarantees the timely resolution of faults or technical problems, carries out ordinary maintenance in order to keep the systems efficient and functional and carries out extraordinary maintenance work to make buildings more efficient and to guarantee proper internal comfort.
Swiss Control System BMS is present within the various site, which allow remote automation and control, as well as guaranteeing energy savings, through intelligent management of the systems. The maintenance of UniTO systems involves dozens of Tecnozenith technicians, from the offices that coordinate the work to be carried out and follow the operation of the systems from a remote BMS system, to the plumbers and electricians who physically carry out the work to allow correct, safe and efficient operation of the University's buildings

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