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Tecnozenith maintenance for the systems of the Turin water company.

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Sites in the metropolitan area of Turin


Air handling unit



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The "Società Metropolitane Acque Torino" Group is the company that supplies the tap water of the Metropolitan City, as well as dealing with the management and treatment of waste water.
Over the years Tecnozenith has been entrusted with the maintenance of the systems, both ordinary and extraordinary, to ensure correct air conditioning and ventilation of the rooms in which the Group's employees work, from offices to laboratories, located throughout the territory of the former province of Turin. SMAT systems are characterized by their variety of technological solutions, from traditional boilers to water-water heat pumps, from small fan coils to large air handling units: the maintenance and interventions carried out in recent years by Tecnozenith have had the main objective minimizing possible breakdowns or disservices for SMAT workers, also carrying out work to improve efficiency, adaptation to new needs and enlargement of the systems.
The BMS system installed and managed directly by the Tecnozenith server allows to improve the user experience in the management and display of the operating status, also guaranteeing a more precise and timely intervention when necessary.

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