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State Archives of Cuneo

A single controller for different scopes.

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Controller for HVAC and anti-intrusion systems


Anti-intrusion sensors


Room temperature probes

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The Cuneo provincial headquarters of the State Archives, housed in a historic building and located in Corso Soleri, is a building for which Tecnozenith oversaw the design and installation of thermal, electrical, special and fire-fighting systems.
The versatility and universality of the EXD10 Swiss Control System controller has been exploited to the maximum in this building.
In fact, through a single freely programmable controller with a dedicated strategy, both the management of the heating system, with supervision of boilers, pumps and mixing valves, with precise control of the temperatures in the room, and the anti-intrusion system are carried out at the same time.
Multiple presence detectors are integrated into the anti-theft strategy coexisting with that of controlling thermal systems, with signaling and alarm management in the event of an intrusion.

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