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Torre Pellice ice rink

A new control system for the Pellice Valley ice house.

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Managed telematic points

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Torre Pellice ice rink, built for the Turin 2006 Winter Olympics, underwent a complete revamping of its management systems, choosing Tecnozenith as designer and installation of the new supervision system.
The works involved the removal of the old BMS system, now obsolete, and its replacement with the Swiss Control System, recovering the remote control points already present and integrating them with new functions and customer needs.
The entire lighting and HVAC system of the building is managed today from a single location, through intuitive graphic pages, with an alarm recording system, that send automatically them via email to allow technicians to be able to intervene promptly in case of breakdowns.
The system can also be viewed remotely, from a PC or smartphone, in order to view the status of the systems anywhere.

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