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Valtellina Hospitals

The Valtellina Hospitals (Sondrio, Sondalo and Chiavenna) made automatic by Tecnozenith.

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Managed telematic points

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Within the hospital poles of Valtellina Valley in the North of Italy, the Sondrio, Sondalo and Chiavenna hospitals, the main remote control and management system of HVAC systems is represented by Swiss Control System, designed, installed and tested by Tecnozenith.
For each hospital, the SCS systems consist of EXD10 controllers installed inside dedicated telematics electric panels, located within the various sections of the structure, with an Ethernet wired network that allows supervision from a single fixed location, managed by the maintainers.
Thermal, refrigeration and cogeneration system, substations, air handling units and electrical cabins are interfaced, viewable and manageable from a PC using SCS F4 software, where also the alarms in the event of faults or anomalies converge, in order to be able to intervene promptly.
The system thus automated and interfaced by Tecnozenith, not only allows more effective maintenance and more precise operation of the systems, but also allows a reduction in the energy consumption of these hospitals, modulating the energy vectors on the real instantaneous needs of the systems.
The expansion of the controlled points and sites in the Valtellina buildings is currently under consideration, with a Tecnozenith proposal to include other hospitals and facilities in the area within the same supervision system.

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