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Firmian kindergarten

An efficient and versatile BMS for a futuristic school.

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Managed telematic points

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The "Firmian" kindergarten in Bolzano is a building located in the most recently built part of the city, located on Maria Montessori square, where also an elementary schools is present.
Built in 2012, the building designed by a well-known architectural firm is characterized by the sinuosity of the shapes and the attention to large spaces for children and natural lighting.
A peculiar feature of the building was the attention to detail of the thermal systems, with innovative solutions including the thermal activation of the masses, consisting of a dedicated circuit to exploit the thermal energy stored in the building structure, with coils embedded in its interior.
Such a futuristic building could not do without a BMS system for its management: Tecnozenith has provided for the installation and currently maintains the installed Swiss Control System. The controllers do not act only on the components of the thermal and refrigeration systems, with commands to pumps, valves and air handling units, but interface the room thermostats via KNX protocol to display temperatures and set points set by users and show them on a single general synoptic, as well as using the M-bus protocol for reading the data coming from the various thermal meters.

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