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  • Lorenzo Civalleri

Environment Park Wind Tunnel

In recent months, Tecnozenith has built a new wind tunnel in the laboratories of the Environment Park in Turin. This will be used to support the experimental activities of research on environmental safety, of hydrocarbon research and cultivation plants in the sea, and other similar activities.

In particular, it will host the mock-up to scale to perform experimental tests.

The works were divided into building works, for the adaptation and consolidation of the rooms, in the construction of ducts and structures suitable for channeling the air flow and in the installation of new electrical and mechanical systems.

Nr. 10 axial electric fans has been installed, each with PAG blades, 47000 mc / h of air flow at 1700 rpm, equipped with a 9.2 kW motor controlled by an inverter, the latter installed inside the new electrical panels installed for the power supply and control of the new systems and its auxiliaries.

We are happy to have collaborated in the realization of this project with advanced research purposes.


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