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  • Lorenzo Civalleri

Inauguration of the first collective self-consumer condominium

Via Cittadella 19 condominium in Pinerolo was inaugurated yesterday, Friday 14/05/21, as the first operating collective self-consumer condominium (AUC) in Italy, in the presence of the political authorities and representatives of GSE and RSE public authority.

The building, made efficient by the Energheia Project, join Venture between Tecnozenith and Acea Energie Nuove Pinerolese Energia, with the collaboration of the Energy Center of the Polytechnic of Turin, distributes the energy produced by the photovoltaic system and not used directly by the common services of the condominium, such as the heat pump system, between the various domestic meters of the users, who can therefore exploit an energy produced on site (not transiting on the national grid), from a renewable source and that leads into a decrease in the cost of electricity on bills, thus combining environmental and economic advantages.

The condominium, already a virtuous example of energy efficiency with advanced insulation, heating, cooling and sanitary production systems and a case study for the European H2020 BuildHeat project, thus becomes a pioneer in the creation of an AUC operating on the national territory.


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