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  • Lorenzo Civalleri

Via Moirano building

Via Moirano 18 condominium in Pinerolo: a combination of the Energheia project and technological solutions from European projects.

Integration of innovative solutions and technologies developed by the partners of the European project H2020 #buildheat.

🧱 Installation of prefabricated ventilated façade with stoneware finish for the insulation of external walls

🏠 New PVC windows with double glazing

☀️ 10 kW photovoltaic system on the roof

🔥❄ New reversible heat pump of 83 kW in heating and 71 kW in cooling

⚙ New technical room for integration of the various energy production systems

🚿 No. 3 Enerboxx installed for distribution, thermal metering and DHW storage for each user

💻 BMS "Swiss Control System" for remote reading, saving data and managing all systems and energy parameters of the building

✅ Expected reduction in heating needs: - 80%


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