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  • Lorenzo Civalleri

☀️A year of sun☀️

The recently concluded 2022 saw a significant expansion of the photovoltaic park installed and managed by Tecnozenith: this result is extremely significant in a context of energy crisis such as the current one, where photovoltaic systems represent a solution that allows obtaining clean, free energy from the sun and produced locally.

These photovoltaics are mainly those of the condominiums we renovated, where they feed the heat pumps that reduce the use of fossil fuels for heating, exploiting this renewable source. The excess energy is then made available for collective self-consumption and energy communities, for which they are already prepared. Members of collective self-consumption have continued to grow day by day since May 2021, when we created the first AUC in Italy.

Other photovoltaic systems are installed within European research projects, for experimentation and verification of new building load management systems, in order to obtain further applicable knowledge in all our installations.


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