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  • Lorenzo Civalleri


A new generation of Swiss Control System controllers was born, of which Tecnozenith is the Italian importer.

EXD20 controller improves the performance of its predecessor, keeping the identity of native BACnet IP device, with the possibility of interfacing the most well-known communication protocols used on BEMS systems. EXD20 also expands calculation capabilities, creation of advanced algorithms and graphic synoptics directly on board, for increasingly advanced use.

EXD200 expansions branch into 3 types: 4-4-5 (4 universal inputs, 4 analogue outputs and 5 digital outputs), 8UI (8 universal inputs) and 24DI (24 digital inputs): this differentiation allows to create increasingly more suitable solutions based on the needs of the systems managed.

New SCS EXD20 and EXD200, together with the SCS F5 software, allow fast and up-to date system management, third-party interfacing devices and data acquisition, to guarantee an ever better user experience for our customers.


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