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  • Lorenzo Civalleri

VAL PELLICE Renewable Energy Community

Tecnozenith is proudly one of the founding members of the Val Pellice Renewable Energy Community (REC), officially founded before a notary on Thursday 29 June 2023.

The initiative was promoted by our company and by ACEA Pinerolese Energia, which has already been in partnership for years within the Energheia Project, for the promotion of energy renovations and renewable production, which continues its innovative activity after the creation of the first collective self-consumer condominium in Italy in 2021.

The energy community, as the name implies, incorporates the territories of Pellice valley that extends from Bricherasio to Bobbio Pellice, on the border with France, and was established not only with the aim of obtaining environmental and energy benefits thanks to the shared energy produced from renewable green sources, but also to create a real collectivity with a significant impact from a social and ecumenical point of view.

The territorial area in which it falls has in fact been characterized for centuries by a history of hospitality and inclusiveness, as well as a great liveliness in social events. It is in fact characterized by the strong presence of the Waldensian religion which coexists with the Catholic community: these two realities, together, have created a dense substratum of reception and services structures in the area, a rare thing for a small alpine valley, which has allowed also a certain industrial development, with different companies here located.

The Catholic Church and the Waldensian Church themselves are leading actors within the established Energy Community, being also among the founding members and promoting the use of shared green energy in their local buildings.

The central fulcrum of the energy community consists of an abandoned industrial site located in Luserna San Giovanni of more than 2,000 square meters, which is now reborn to a new life, hosting the renewable production systems feeding the electricity utilities of the valley: at its inside photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the existing structures are installed , as well as charging stations for electric vehicles. A sports center is also under construction within the site, with padel courts opening by the end of September, in order to combine the world of sport with concrete actions for an effective energy transition.

The padel courts are currently being created by Tecnozenith and, thanks to the interventions on the envelope, the heating/cooling systems installed and the presence of the photovoltaic system on the roof, part of the energy community, it will be almost completely independent from an energy point of view. Because of these characteristics, the padel facility of Luserna San Giovanni, the heart of the Valpellice REC, has obtained the patronage of CONI, the Italian National Olympic Committee, which includes it as an example of good practice in sport, since it has a low energy request, satisfied by the green local systems, and easily replicable for many other indoor structures in Italy.

It is therefore an all-encompassing energy community, incorporaing different actors of the same territory and which aims to involve the majority of the population and companies of Pellice valley.

Tecnozenith thus becomes a primary interpreter within the social, economic and environmental changes that a REC of this size can guarantee, creating an interconnected and human-scale system, with positive effects for all the citizens and their territory.


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