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  • Lorenzo Civalleri

Alba Bra Hospital

The area of the new Alba-Bra Hospital is located in the municipality of Verduno, situated on the northern front of the Verduno hill, on the right side of the Tanaro river, next to Langhe hills, UNESCO World Heritage site. In 1999 the executive project was approved, designed by a group of designers, partly local, coordinated by the architect Aymeric Zublean.

Tecnozenith, through the help of Maire Group, has created the executive and constructive projects of the totality of the special systems, as well as by the architecture of the remote control system.

These days Tecnozenith was engaged in the front line to contribute to the opening of the new hospital.

As Piedmont's governor Cirio had reminded during the announcement on March 16th, "the opening was scheduled at the end of May, but now it is a questionable necessity, this structure was expected for 20 years and was realized thanks to the great generosity of the entrepreneurs and citizens of Langhe and Roero who, through the foundation founded specifically, have invested with his own pocket million euros and work because he could finally be completed. We said that, by respect, we would have opened it in silence. Never we would have thought of having it urgently for a situation like the current one. But today more than ever to be able to count on a completely new and latest generation health facility as this will be a vital resource throughout Piedmont ".

"It is a solution to which I work from the beginning of the crisis, urging the availability of all to collaborate - had pointed out councillor Icardi - the times with the contractor company and the testing organizations are accelerated, to put the hospital in the conditions of opening as a reference Covid Hospital of Piedmont. We have hundreds of places available for sub-intensive therapy treatments and possibly intensive. It will be an extra hospital, as others on the territory will continue to function regularly. We have ordered to entrust to a long-run show commissioner and proven experience, as Giovanni Monchiero, flanked by the health part by Paolo Tofanini, the coordination of the operation ".

The article appeared on the greatest local newspaper in our Saluzzo area, on the design and installation work of special remote control and management systems at the new Hospital of Alba-Bra in Verduno, opened these days as a reference hospital for the current Emergency from Covid-19 for Piedmont.


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