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  • Lorenzo Civalleri


Interventions to improve the efficiency of condominiums continue according to the solutions of the Energheia project. More than 15 buildings have already been renovated, with 5 construction sites open to date and another 40 projects planned for the end of 2023.

This heating season began with 5 new plants that went into operation, in Cavour and Pinerolo (TO), Racconigi (CN) and Turin. Each of them, with the interventions on the envelope, will lead to a saving of at least 60% compared to the pre-intervention thermal energy demand. The residual needs for heating the apartments, thanks to the heat pumps as the main source of heat generation and the photovoltaic systems installed, are met for 90% by energy deriving from renewable sources and produced on site.

The photovoltaic, in addition to powering the heat pump and services, such as stair lights and elevators, can be exploited as a source for the Collective Self-consumption (AUC) by the residents themselves, who can thus use the green energy produced by their building on domestic users.


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