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  • Lorenzo Civalleri

Heating Season 2020/2021

The park of buildings managed by Energheia expanded a lot in the heating season just ended thanks to new buildings improved and renovated last year and now fully in operation, in addition to the already present ones.

Total heated volume of the condominiums is now equal to 110'000 m3, continuing to grow from month to month, thanks to the interventions in progress.

The average reduction of the thermal demand of buildings is 55%, thanks to the interventions of insulation of envelope and the replacement of external windows.

The residual thermal energy demand of the buildings is mainly satisfied by the new heat pumps installed and powered by the PV systems, thus using on average 75% of energy from renewable sources for heating, with the old gas boiler systems suppportinh heat pumps only in coldest days.

Compared to the pre-intervention situation, therefore, Energheia condominiums reduced the use of fossil fuels by 88%, which leads into a reduction of 460 tons of CO released into the atmosphere.


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